Cause and Effect

Have you ever wished that you could change the past?

Most of us have at some point – “If only I’d done this differently” or “If only I’d said this instead” or “If only I’d done this” or “If only I’d done that.”

Quite often, we know in the moment of choice what the “right” one is. Not always, but often. I may not know the effects of going a different way to work in the morning, but I sure as hell know where willfully picking up a drink or a drug will bring me.

Here’s how to change your past:

Recognize that you are living in what will instantly become the past *right now* – and make the best next choice that you can.

By “living in the past right now,” I don’t mean it the way that mindfulness teachers mean it – ruminating over past events instead of seeing the ugliness and beauty of the present moment.

I mean that you are literally living in what is going to instantly become the past – *right now.* By making different choices than the ones you’ve made, you will change what quickly, in less than the blink of an eye, become your future.

Everything, you included, is both an effect and a cause. You are the sum total of all of the things that have taken place, including the choices you’ve made, since wherever and whenever this universe we are living in started.

Right now – oops, it’s gone – right now is just the culmination of literally everything.

You can never know what the “right” thing to do next is. You can make an educated guess, but it’s always a roll of the dice.

But that’s OK, because the dice are loaded in your favor. If they weren’t, you wouldn’t have made it this far.

We are here to make choices and make choices and make choices again. Creating another effect that becomes another cause that becomes another effect, constantly writing everything that has already happened.

(The idea of “choice” is a big one… maybe I’ll write about and define it better someday. Spoiler Alert – it has nothing to do with “free will” as we usually think of it.)

You are who you are because of who you were a moment ago, a day ago, a week ago, and on and on and on. You are who you are because of who your parents were, who their parents were, who their parents were, and on and on and on. You are who you are because of who your neighbors were, who your friends were, who everyone who ever lived was.

You are who you are because of who the Universe was.

Create a better choice for all of us, and make the best choice you can… now (oops, it’s gone.)

[the basic idea of “changing your past by changing your future” isn’t original to me, but I can’t for the life of me remember where I first learned it. Thank you, whoever you were.]


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