It’s OK To Be Tired

There’s a lot going on in the world right now. Loved ones are getting sick, people are dying, our lives are upended. The way we shop for food, the way we travel, the basics of interacting with one another… it’s all changed.

We are told to stay in our homes, binge media, cut physical contact and distance from others as much as possible.

These are the things that those of us with mental health issues were told, in the Old World, not to do. Many times, isolating and social distancing are symptoms of our illness rearing it’s ugly head.

We know that it isn’t the monster. We also know that these things can be both symptoms and causes.

So we do what we can. We avoid useless news and social media. We get outside and take walks alone or with loved ones that we already live with. We try to stay connected online.

But it’s tiring. Exhausting even. Many of us don’t do well with change. Our routines were our lifeline, and now they are gone.

So if you’re tired today, it’s OK. Don’t feel guilty. Don’t pull the “Other people have it worse!” bullshit. Feel the tiredness. Rest.

It doesn’t mean you have to fall into the hole that we all know so well.


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