Voting For Yourself (like you live in Chicago)

For a few months now, I’ve been using an app called “Randomly RemindMe.” I’ve set it up so that, up to 20 times a day, my phone will pop a message up containing a short, useful bit of wisdom.

Here are some examples of short phrases I’ve used:

The saying that has been on there for the longest now (and still my favorite) is:

“Who Are You Becoming.”

I got the idea from Atomic Habits by James Clear. One of the main points of the book is that everything we do is a vote for the kind of person we want to become.

Smoke a cigarette? That’s a vote for being someone who doesn’t care about their well being.

Go for a run? You are voting for being someone who lives a healthy lifestyle.

Short with your spouse? Voting yourself into being a shitty life partner.

Tackle a project you aren’t sure you’re up to? You just got a vote for living a courageous life.

Beating up on yourself or ruminating on smoking a cigarette or being short with your spouse? Now you’re voting for being someone who spends more time thinking about shit than doing something about said shit.

You get the idea.

This stuff is easy to forget, which is why the reminder app helps. But even that has it’s problems – it’s so easy to just swipe away the notification, rather than spend 5 seconds thinking about what we are voting for in the moment. Of course, doing that is a vote for becoming someone who would rather go through the personal development motions than actually apply this stuff. (doh!)

Here’s the cool thing: it’s like voting in Chicago. You get to do it early and often. You get as many votes as you want. As a matter of fact, you can’t help but vote over and over and over again.

Whatever you are doing right now is a vote for being the person that you are right now. If you’re cool with that – great! If not, you get to vote differently right now. And now. And now.

Get out the vote!

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Add On:

It’s a few hours later and I was just thinking about this post – I think it slanted a bit too much to the “If you aren’t voting for who you want to be, change it!” side. I didn’t  highlight the other side of the coin enough – when you catch yourself voting for who you do want to be. When that happens, make sure that you give your brain a good “That’s Like Me!“. It’ll help you remember to vote the way you really want to the next time.


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