Obligatory New Year’s Day Post

Blah blah blah full of promise.

Blah blah blah anything is possible.

Blah blah blah you can do it!

… No.

Being jaded isn’t any more helpful than being unrealistic. It’s just as much of a shield for our stupid little egos as Pollyannaism.

Every time someone says “I’m going to [insert creating a better life action here]”, the only proper response, whether it’s a new year’s resolution or not, is…

“That’s Fan-Fucking-Tastic.”

Because “I’m going to…” is the start of everything. It’s the first step. Don’t worry about whether they take that second step. But if they do… “Awesome! More Fan-Fucking-Tasticness!”

If they don’t… it’s none of your fucking business (unless they’ve specifically asked you to call them out on it.)

And if they don’t take that second step *and* you find yourself judging them for it, there is only one proper response for that as well:

Turn that judgement back on yourself.

What haven’t you followed through on?

What could you be doing better?

What haven’t you even started because you are scared to?

Then follow through, do better, get started.

Happy New Year!


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