Grow or Deteriorate

“When you are uncertain whether you should do something or not, just think whether doing it you will grow or deteriorate, and act accordingly.” — Theron Q. Dumont

OK, so I know I’ve been on a bit of Brian Johnson kick lately… but there is a way to get me to stop. Just tell him to stop putting out so much great stuff to comment on!

This morning I was reading his Philosopher’s Note on The Power of Concentration by Theron Dumont. When I came across that quote in the note the truth of it hit me over the head like a pile of … something really heavy.

Everything we do either helps us to grow or to deteriorate.

And in every moment, we can choose which we want to do.

This doesn’t mean that we are going to make “perfect” (whatever that means) choices every moment of every day. Sometimes we are honestly mistaken about what will promote growth. Sometimes we are blinded by our own defects. Sometimes we know that what we are about to do isn’t good for us, but we go ahead and do it anyway.

Bottom line – sometimes we choose wrongly. In my opinion, as long as we maintain a sincere desire to move into growth on a regular basis, we’ll find a way. We’ll grow in wisdom, so that we won’t be mistaken as often and won’t be as blind as often. We’ll grow in discipline, so we have the strength to make those choices that are best for us.

Abraham Maslow said something similar:

“In any given moment we have two options: to step forward into growth or to step back into safety.” (source)

Let’s step forward into growth today. Again. And Again. And Again.


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