Calluses of the Mind

Something else I’ve picked up from David Goggins, and another reason that we should follow the path of most resistance, is to build up “callus our mind”.

Our bodies are amazing things, fragile as hell yet able to toughen themselves as need be. Calluses develop on our skin (mainly our hands and feet) when it constantly rubs against something that it normally doesn’t come into contact with.

They develop in order to protect us – and so that the rubbing can continue without pain.

But the process itself involves pain. Sometimes calluses start as blisters and pop, spewing pus everywhere…. and the callus making process starts all over again. Not a fun processes.

Calluses of the mind work the same way.

Doing something different, something beyond our current level of comfort, by definition involves pain – sometimes mental, sometimes physical, usually both.

Calluses of the mind only develop when we come into contact with mental discomfort, over and over and over again.

Sometimes mental blisters develop and sometimes mental pus oozes. But if we keep at it, the calluses develop. And lo and behold, that thing that was soooo mentally painful no longer causes the discomfort it once did.

When you are deciding if you are going to to do something outside of your comfort zone, there’s always at least one excellent reason to do it.

In order to callus your mind.


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