Who The Fuck Are You?

“No, really, Lyman. Who the fuck are you to be writing this shit?”

“What qualifies you to write about Stoicism, ACT, Mental Health, or any of the other bullshit that you spout.”

I’m drawn to this stuff. Whatever the reason, I’m pulled toward expressing my ideas on personal development and how people can create better lives for themselves.

No matter how many times I quit, no matter how many blogs I’ve deleted, no matter how much criticism I get… I keep coming back for more.

For a while there, I started thinking that there was really something wrong with me. I thought I was one of those pathetic people who would just keep buying book after book, seminar after seminar, course after course… looking for that one thing that would finally make me ok.

Guess what. I was right. That’s exactly who I was. Still am to some degree. Probably always will be on some level.

But something kind of cool has happened. I gained a lot of knowledge. Knowledge is good. It’s one of the very few things out there where more is always better than less.

Some of the knowledge that I’ve gained is the knowledge that there’s a whole lotta bullshit out there in the world of self improvement. So many things that we thought were true when it comes to personal development were either just plain made up or put out there with only anecdotal evidence.

I like to think of it as a signal to noise ratio. And the noise in the self-help world can be deafening.

So who am I? I’m a guy who dabbled in almost every form of self help that you can imagine. A guy who can tell you what has worked for him and what hasn’t. A guy who can point people in the direction of those experts with a high ratio. A guy who, because he hated himself so much, was brought to the brink of death by his own hand, but is still here. And still kicking.

That’s who the fuck I am.



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