New Project:

This is difficult – I’ve already shared it on Twitter and Facebook with a sense of dread.

But that’s OK – a la ACT, I am/I have accepted the feelings and have moved/continue to move in a valued direction.

A few months ago, I started a new website at

I busted out an outline and introduction, but haven’t worked on it again until today.

Once again, feelings of dread and fear of ridicule are all up in this Lyman – “Goddamn, you suck.” “What a load of bullshit.” “Who do you think you are?” “And now you’re talking about it here? Fucking fool.” “Jesus Christ, now he’s writing publicly about his feelings!!!! You aren’t actually going to bother people with this crap, are you?”

Plus the ones that I’m not about to share publicly.

“Thanks, Mind!”

“Listen to that, it’s Radio Lyman.”

Yes, I am writing about it here.  It’s something that I have that I’m able to share with the world – an honest look at what has worked in my struggle for sanity.

Do with it what you will:


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