The Daily Stoic: 366 Meditations for Clarity, Effectiveness, and Serenity by Ryan Holiday and Stephen Hanselman

Daily Stoic Book Cover

Heraclitus – “No man steps in the same river twice.”  Change is constant.  Life flows like a river, sometimes smoothly, sometimes over a fall.  Learn to accept it and love it.

“… You should invite some to your table because they are deserving, others because they may come to deserve it.” – Seneca, Moral Letters, 47.15b

“The buck stops here.”  You are 100% responsible for the things you can directly control.  For things you can’t control, your are 100% responsible for your reactions to them, which is something you can directly control; maybe not immediately, but with practice it will come.

Don’t complain (not even to yourself).  It’s a waste of time and energy that could be better spent either doing something about the thing you are complaining about, or learning to live with it if there’s nothing you can do about it.

  • Accept nothing false or uncertain
  • direct your impulses only to acts for the common good
  • limit your desires and aversions only to what’s in your own power
  • embrace everything nature assigns to you (Amor Fati!)

(Nov. 18th)

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