It’s been a long time…

… since I’ve blogged here.  Which is fine – no one is reading this anyway. :-)

Tonight’s run.

The goal is still in place.  I’m working on the training consistency.  Sticking to a training plan is training in and of itself.  I’m realizing that actually reaching my goal is no where near as important as working my way towards it.

The next marathon is Los Angeles on March 15th, 2015.  I’m finishing up week two of my modified version of Hal Higdon’s Novice 2 Training Program.  Just 3 miles tomorrow night, and it’s on to week three.

The modifications I’ve made are just so that I don’t have to work a full day and try to do the long runs on that same day.  Since my work schedule can be all over the place, with different days off each week and different hours worked each day, I can’t always do the long runs on the weekends.  So I’ve decided to do the long runs on the first of my days off, and the midweek longish runs on my second day off.  Unless the days off are consecutive, in which case I’ll just do the midweek runs another day.

I figure that at this point, just getting in the weekly mileage is an accomplishment in and of itself.

And that’s all I’ve got to say tonight.

Except for this link to a good article on running when you don’t feel like it.